Guard security consultant

FRIDAY, August 18, 2011 12:00



PERSONAL SITUATIONS often involve delicate personal matters that require discretion and absolute confidentiality. Whether you are suspicious of a cheating spouse or “significant other”, or if you need to know about someone’s background or assets, or if you are trying to find someone, we have the tools to get the job done. No matter what your needs are, we have the experience, skills and resources to solve your problem.

LEGAL ISSUES:  We keep focused on the special needs of the attorneys conducting investigation through our involvement in professional organizations and continuing education for legal investigators. The expertise and experience we bring to the table wins cases for you.

BUSINESS SITUATIONS: Every business faces situations where intelligence is needed to make good decisions, whether it is decisions about internal matters or decisions relating to the competition. You need an intelligence partner with the experience to get the job done and to deliver the product to you in a format that is user friendly and useful.

INSURANCE ISSUES: We have all the tools needed to whittle away the fluff and get to the heart of each case. We have the experience and organization we deliver air tight evidence that wins insurance cases.